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A Unique Master Deck

Army of Darkness
by Mike Ooi

Qty	Name			Age	Title		Clan
1	Hector Sosa		4	none		Brujah
1	Hugo			4	none		Brujah Antitribu
3	Carlotta Giovanni	7	none		Giovanni
2	Cristofero Giovanni	3	none		Giovanni
1	Gaspare Giovanni	6	none		Giovanni
2	Mario Giovanni		3	none		Giovanni
2	Regina Giovanni,	10	2 votes		Giovanni
	The Right Hand of Augustus

Qty	Name			Type	Requires	Blood	Pool	Set	Rarity
1	Death Pact		action	necromancy	1		A	U
2	Ambrosius, The Ferryman	ally	Giovanni		3	A	R
10	Fake Out		combat					V	C
7	Mighty Grapple		combat	potence				V	C
2	Shattering Blow		combat	potence				V	C
10	Spiritual Intervention	combat	necromancy			D	C
5	Thrown Gate		combat	potence				V	C
4	Torment the Soul	combat	necromancy			D	C
5	Trap			combat					V	C
4	Undead Strength		combat	potence				V	C
4	Gas-Powered Chainsaw	equip				1	S	C
2	Sawed-Off Shotgun	equip				2	V	C
1	Talbot's Chainsaw	equip				3	V	R
8	Haven Uncovered		master					V	C
1	Heidelburg Castle	master				2	D	U
1	Mausoleum, Venice, The	master	Giovanni		1	D	U
1	Morgue Hunting Ground	master	Giovanni		2	D	C
2	Necromancy		master					D	C
4	Potence			master					V	C
3	Short-Term Investment	master				1	V	C
1	Spiritual Protector	retain	Giovanni	3		D	C
11	Zombie			retain	Giovanni	1		D	C

89	Total Library Cards

			1	action
			2	ally
83	common		47	combat
3	uncommon	7	equipment
3	rare		20	master
			12	retainer

Army of Darkness - Now’s YOUR chance to play Ash! Get a vamp out and give them 
a chainsaw and a shotgun! Get out a bunch of zombies and move them around with 
Heidelburg Castle! Remember, if you dodge during strike resolution, the zombies 
still smack the other guy! Hey yeah, and shoot them with the BOOMSTICK! YEEHAW! 
Only successful if you are playing for fun and like zombies.

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