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A Unique Master Creation

Chiropteran Marauder

Free Maneuver at inferior - for vicissitude - YAY! Here comes the Blood of Acid!!!
At superior, pay for agg.
This card will never "sit" in your hand during combat.
And think about a ANI VIC deck w/ Carrion Crows:

WearYourHeadAsAHat: (In combat) "I play Carrion Crows and Drawing Out the
Beeyoch. Tee Hee!
UpACreek: Alright, but I'm taking you with me.
WYHAAH: I'm maneuvering to long with ChipMuncher.
UpACreek: I'll pull you back with a Flash.
WYHAAH: How about another ChopShopYourDaughter to long?
UpACreek: umm - damn
WYHAAH: I'll strike with a nasty AIDS from Bats. tee hee.
UpACreek: damn - but I'm pressing with the Flash.
WYHAAH: Have it your way. I'm not maneuvering.
WYHAAH: How about a Blood of Acid?
UpACreek: umm - damn
WYHAAH: and I'll strike with hands - boo hoo
UpACreek: me too! Take 2 you little -
WYHAAH: I'll make mine agg with another ChipOffTheBlockKnocker.
UpACreek: damn -
WYHAAH: So that's 2 from Carrion Cows -
UpACreek: damn -
WYHAAH: - 2 agg from BOA -
UpACreek: damn -
WYHAAH: - and 1 more agg from my pesky hands.
UpACreek: damn -
WYHAAH: Oh, and another 1 from DrawingInTheSneeze.
UpACreek: DAMN@#$!
WYHAAH: Did I burn your vamp?
UpACreek: I'm playing Dramatic Upheaval!
WYHAAH: That's not a combat card!
(flips table over, walks out)
WYHAAH: (to PeeingInPanties) Did I burn his vamp? You saw it, didn't you?

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