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A Unique Master Creation

Elegy For The Banned

So you've left me...
Clues as to your fate:
-scattered chairs
--some fallen plates
---why did you have to knock over the Urn of Cucumbers? The Green Bean Vase?
----did you trip on the tablecloth, you clumsy oaf?
No more will kindred spirits life boon upstream as salmon wont to spawn
-Where did you go?-
Must I always go left with my pressure?
Where is my Pearlman T-Shirt?
Hurrah! my life is less traumatic
This quick Upheaval is Dramatic

MC Escher's hands put together a puzzle of
a puzzle putting together MC Escher's hands
Munch's been screaming for this one for a long time
A cardinal gets to screw the masquerade instead?
Your art never changed; neither did my love/hate for you
Is his hand grabbing his thingie? or is his thingie fucking his hand?
Moving my shit has now been hindered
Restructure This, my whiny Kindred

A Club
is just a piece of wood, no matter how you slice it
the difference is in the hands
blunt force lacked imagination
but received the most attention
errata could have saved you
but burying you could save us
It's very clean, no mess, no fuss
My Club's a little lower, Succubus 

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