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A Unique Master Creation

The Lasombra Newsletter Special Holiday Issue

1. Welcome
2. A Little History
3. Card of the Month
4. Deck Idea
5. Go Away

1. Welcome

Welcome to The Lasombra Newsletter Special Holiday Issue. I know I am not
the usual or "official" newsletter editor for the "el primo clan numero uno"
of the Sabbat, but apparently some of the shadow guys felt like they were
being neglected for one reason or another. And with the Kiasyd getting all
this attention, the big guns wanted the public out there to know that The
Lasombra are still in control. Right now they're a little jealous...

2. A Little History

Christmas Eve, 1990

    Lucita leaned against the wall, idly stirring the orange liquid in her
cup. A small wisp of steam emerged from the brim and circled her fingers,
providing some meager warmth in the cold crypt. This had been a bad idea.
Coming home for the holidays was always difficult for her. Now that she
thought of it, coming home at all fell into the category of bad ideas. At
least she only had one more week to add to that category. Maybe thing would
be different in the new year.
    "Your eggnog is getting cold." A voice from behind gently caressed her
    Lucita shrugged. "Maybe I like it cold."
    "Maybe I like you liking it cold."
    "Maybe I like you liking me liking it cold."
    The voice seemed to shrug at this. "...umm...uh...Very well then. Very
    Lucita didn't even bother to turn around. "What's the matter, Talley?
Nothing witty to say?"
    Talley placed his hand on Lucita's hip. His fingers tingled from the
excitement. He was having some difficulty controlling his circulation. The
vitae within him kept moving downward. Why were conversations with Lucita
always hard?
    "I have a lot of witty things to say. I just don't say them because..."
    "Because you need to pace yourself?"
    "Yeah, that's it. Well, no, not really 'pace' myself as such..."
    "Really? That's not what I've heard. Word on the street is you've been
sinking money into drug research to correct the problem. Word is that you
and Tubby have formed some sort of alliance. Word."
    "Who's been spreading this word? Anyway, it's not for me. I'm just
trying to help out a friend. Is that so wrong?"
    "If your 'friend' keeps poking my tailbone, I might have to break him
off. Got it?"
    Talley backed away from her. Damn. She'd noticed.
    At least Lucita had some effect on him.
    Talley moved through the crowd of milling guests, trying to keep his
thoughts to himself. When he was younger, keeping his thoughts to himself
was extremely difficult, as it was with any childer. At least now, someone
would have to physically grab him by the ears and pull his eyelids open to
force the thoughts from his head. Most vampires didn't have the number of
appendages necessary to do that successfully. But one could. Tubby could. It
didn't matter what precautions Talley took, Tubby knew.
    Shit, thought Talley. I'm referring to Him as Tubby in my thoughts. That
could be bad.
    "It's worse than you know," Moncada wheezed at him. "Far worse."
    Talley stood in front of Ambrosio Luis Moncada, the host of the evening
festivities. Vampires in general don't breathe, simply because they don't
need to. Moncada hadn't seemed to grasp that. He wheezed constantly, the
fetid breath moving in and out of his mouth, making tapestries on the wall
sway gently in the breeze. And he sweated. Vampires no longer had to worry
about the narrow temperature range in which humans had to live, so vampires
generally only sweat under extreme duress. Not so with Moncada. Vampires
also generally lost weight when they were embraced, their organs atrophying
and the water purged from their system. Moncada easily weighed a ton.
Ambrosio Luis Moncada, aka Tubby Bitchole, was an impressive sight,
especially tonight in his Santa suit.
    "I apologize, your Eminince. I was having words with Lucita, and my mind
is clouded."
    "What do you mean by 'your Eminince'? Is that another way of saying I'm
    In situations like this, Talley knew that changing the subject was a
matter of life and death. Those who tried to placate Moncada by denying his
weight problem only made it worse, as Moncada would keep asking questions
and getting angrier, and the placater would realize too late that they had
only been digging their own grave. Some of Moncada's equals or elders could
defuse the situation by agreeing with him. Rare was the vampire who could
look Moncada square in the eyes and say, "Yes, you're a giant tub of lard.
Why don't you try getting out more?" Talley was not one of them.
    "The party seems to be going well, your Eminince. Can I get you some
    The question broke Moncada's train of thought. "Yes, please. I'm not
happy about what our Malkavian brothers have done to the 12 Days of
Christmas nativity, and I could use something refreshing to take my mind off
of it."
    Talley glanced over at the scene. Apparently Hannibal had drained most
of the Lords-a-Leaping, and the geese had stopped laying eggs and started
laying each other, probably due to Korah's influence. The Little Tailor was
nearby, furious that the ghoul he had fleshcrafted into the likeness of
Danny Bonaduce had been impaled on the pear tree. Most of the other animals
that composed the nativity were now following Virgil around the party and
occasionally being drained when he felt like it.
    "Talley, be a good Hound and help me to my seat."
    "My pleasure, your Eminince." Talley held Moncada's hand as he proceeded
up the steps to a throne covered in red velvet and gold.
    "You may tell the line to proceed after I've set my beard."
    Talley walked down the steps towards Aaron Dugan, who was standing in
front of a line of children behind a velvet rope. "Hey Aaron, send up the
next kid."
    Aaron paused for a minute. "How did I get stuck with this again? I
thought it was Cameron's turn."
    Talley shrugged. "Not my problem. You have your orders."
    As Talley walked away, he could hear that fat, bloated voice asking,
"And what do you want for Christmas, little girl?"

3. Card of the Month: Nose of the Hound

This card comes to us from Bloodlines, and seems to be made especially for
our beloved Talley.

Nose of the Hound
+1 Stealth Action
inf Aus: Enter combat with a ready tapped minino controlled by another
Methuselah. This acting minion gets an optional     maneuver in that combat.

The rest of it is not our concern. This card allows you to make full use of
Talley's auspex to rush a tapped minion at stealth with a full hand size.
There are others that could make use of it, but then you're doing it wrong.

4. Deck Idea: Release The Hound! (Monty Burns Remix)

Deck Name:   Release The Hound! (Monty Burns Remix) [OBT-DOM]
Created by:  Mike Ooi
Description: Stealth bleed & vote with some nasty OBT combat. Place
political struggles out and rush with Talley & Nose of the Hound to cash in
on the same turn.

Crypt: (12 cards) [Min: 15, Max: 37, Avg: 6.33]
1  Aaron Duggan                  (obt, Lasombra, 2)
1  Ambrosio Luis Monšada         (aus DOM for OBT POT PRE, Lasombra, 10,
1  Angelica                      (cel DOM obf OBT POT, Lasombra, 10,
1  Aurora Van Brande             (dom for OBT pot, Lasombra, 6)
1  Francisco Domingo de Polonia  (DOM OBT POT PRE pro, Lasombra, 9,
1  Gratiano                      (DOM obf OBT pot, Lasombra, 8, Priscus)
1  Guido Lucciano                (dom obf OBT, Lasombra, 5)
1  Ignacio                       (dom obt pot, Lasombra, 4)
1  Ramiro                        (dom obt vic, Lasombra, 4)
3  Talley                        (aus dom OBT POT, Lasombra, 6)

Library: (90 cards)
Master (15 cards)
3  Blood Doll
1  Elysian Fields
1  Fear of Mekhet
1  Hungry Coyote, The
4  Minion Tap
3  Obtenebration
1  Political Hunting Ground
1  Power Structure

Action (20 cards)
2  Bloodbath
1  Far Mastery
6  Govern the Unaligned
3  Political Struggle
2  Scouting Mission
1  Shadow Twin
5  Nose of the Hound

ActionMod (18 cards)
1  Blanket of Night
9  Shadow Play
8  Shroud of Night

Political (12 cards)
1  Blood Siege
6  Consanguineous Boon
1  Disputed Territory
1  Dramatic Upheaval
3  Kine Resources Contested

Reaction (7 cards)
2  Eyes of the Night
5  Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (18 cards)
10 Arms of the Abyss
5  Entombment
3  Shadow Parasite

This deck would be used best as a template than it would be to build it
verbatim. Tweak it to suit your metagame and personality and card
collection. More stealth, less stealth, more votes, less votes, more combat,

5. Go Away 

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