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A Unique Master Creation

Mask of a Thousand Faces

CrazyMalooka:  I'm bleeding with Aggripina.

UpACreek: I will block with Meshenka.

Crazy Malooka: Oh yeah, you think so. Aggripina plays Faceless Night (+1
st). Tap it up, buddy.

UpACreek: Meshenka plays Enhanced Senses (+2 int). Eat me.

Crazy Malooka: Hmmm...Hannibal takes over with Mask of a Thousand Faces and
+1 Stealth.

UpACreek: That's okay, I still have equal intercept.

Crazy Malooka: Hannibal now plays Faceless Night (+1 stealth). Stay tapped.
I know this is your stupid Meshenka Enhanced Senses deck.

UpACreek: You can't do that! One type of modifier per action!

CrazyMalooka: I can. Faceless Night is being played by a different minion.
Go ahead and try to block with someone else. Tap them too!

UpACreek: Well, I'm playing Dramatic Upheaval then!

CrazyMalooka: You can't, it's not your turn!

UpACreek: Watch me, @#!$!

And UpACreek flips the card table over and storms out... 

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