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A Unique Master Deck

by Mike Ooi

A Happy Families Deck Design

Qty	Name				Age	Title	Clan
1	Angela Decker			1	none	Pander
1	Basil				1	none	Pander
1	Christine Boscacci		2	none	Pander
1	Gillian Krader			2	none	Pander
1	Huang, Blood Cultist		1	none	Pander
2	Jimmy Dunn			4	none	Pander
1	Lena Rowe			3	none	Pander
1	March Halcyon			1	none	Pander
1	Mitchell, The Headhunter	2	none	Pander
1	Rex, The Necronomist		3	none	Pander
1	Royce				1	none	Pander

Qty	Name				Type	Requires	Blood	Pool	Set	Rarity
5	Cloak the Gathering		act mod	obfuscate			S	C
3	Foreshadowing Destruction	act mod	dominate			A	C
2	Bum's Rush			action			 		V	C
2	Computer Hacking		action					V	C
3	Enchant Kindred			action	presence			V	C
1	Hidden Lurker			action	obfuscate			V	C
1	Shadow of the Beast		action	protean	1			V	U
1	Ghouled Street Thug		ally	Pander			2	S	R
1	Dodge				combat					V	C
3	Fake Out			combat					V	C
2	Flesh of Marble			combat	protean				V	R
3	Lucky Blow			combat					V	C
3	Open Grate			combat					V	C
3	Thrown Gate			combat	potence				V	C
3	Thrown Sewer Lid		combat	potence				V	C
3	Torn Signpost			combat	potence				V	U
3	Trap				combat					V	C
3	Undead Persistence		combat	fortitude			V	U
3	Undead Strength			combat	potence				S	C
3	Unflinching Persistence		combat	fortitude			V	C
3	Wolf Claws			combat	protean		1		V	C
1	.44 Magnum			equip				2	V	C
1	Blood Tears of Kephran		equip					A	C
1	Catacombs			equip			1		A	C
1	Flak Jacket			equip				1	V	C
1	Flamethrower			equip				4	V	U
1	Gas-Powered Chainsaw		equip				1	S	C
1	Incriminating Videotape		equip				1	D	C
1	Laptop Computer			equip				1	V	C
1	Depravity			master				1	A	V
2	Dominate			master					S	C
5	Effective Management		master					V	C
2	Fortitude			master					V	C
1	Humanitas			master					A	V
2	Obfuscate			master					V	C
1	Parthenon, The			master				2	A	V
2	Potence				master					V	C
2	Presence			master					V	C
1	Rack, The			master					V	U
3	Autarkis Persecution		pol act					V	C
2	Consanguineous Boon		pol act					V	C
2	Legacy of Pander		pol act	Sabbat vampire			S	R
2	Delaying Tactics		react					V	U

90	Total Library Cards

			8	action modifier
			9	action
71	common		1	ally
14	uncommon	36	combat
5	rare		8	equipment
			19	master
			7	political action
			2	reaction

Pandermonium - Look out everybody, the Pander are pissed! They wanted to be 
a full-fledged clan, so try playing them as a full-fledged clan! This deck 
can do a bunch of fun things, and youíll be pulling out all kinds of weenies! 
Good luck! Good for when you donít know what you want to play.

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