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A Unique Master Deck

Parity Shift
by Mike Ooi

Qty	Name			Age	Title	Clan
1	Anson			8	Prince	Toreador
2	Delilah Easton		2	none	Toreador
2	Demetrious Slater	4	none	Toreador
1	Felicia Mostrom		5	none	Toreador
2	Mariana Gilbert		4	none	Toreador
2	Ramiel DuPre		5	none	Toreador
2	Tatiana Romanova	7	Prince	Toreador

Qty	Name				Type	Requires	Blood	Pool	Set	Rarity
2	Aire of Elation			act mod	presence	1		D	C
7	Bewitching Oration		act mod	presence			V	C
4	Disarming Presence		act mod	presence			V	U
4	Scorn of Adonis			act mod	Toreador			V	U
3	Voter Captivation		act mod	presence			V	U
6	Charming Lobby			action	presence			V	U
5	Enchant Kindred			action	presence			V	C
4	Legal Manipulations		action	presence	1		V	C
10	Majesty				combat	presence			V	C
2	Riposte				combat	celerity	1		D	C
3	Sideslip			combat	celerity			V	C
6	Aching Beauty			master	Toreador		2	V	U
1	Art Museum			master	Toreador		2	V	R
4	Presence			master					V	C
1	Society Hunting Ground		master	Toreador		2	V	U
5	Domain Challenge		pol act					V	C
4	Kine Resources Contested	pol act					V	C
4	Parity Shift			pol act	prince, justicar		V	V
2	Praxis Seizure: Monaco		pol act					A	R
2	Praxis Seizure: Paris		pol act					D	U
3	Sabbat Threat			pol act	prince, justicar		V	V
3	Dread Gaze			react	presence			V	C
5	Telepathic Misdirection		react	auspex		1		V	C

90	Total Library Cards

			15	action
			20	action modifier
54	common		15	combat
33	uncommon	12	master
3	rare		20	political action
			8	reaction

Parity Shift - On your master phase play Aching Beauty. During your minion phase, 
parity shift your prey for a bunch. In 5 player games this deck comes alive and 
has the potential to sweep. In smaller games, you’re going to eat the deeyock. 
Good for challenging your skills as a player!

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