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A Unique Master Deck

Pissed-off Princes
by Mike Ooi

Qty	Name			Age	Title	Clan
3	Emerson Bridges		8	Prince	Ventrue
1	Queen Anne		10	Prince	Ventrue
3	Sir Walter Nash		7	Prince	Ventrue
1	Suhailah		9	Prince	Ventrue
3	Timothy Crowley		7	Prince	Ventrue
1	Wilhelm Waldburg	9	Prince	Ventrue

Qty	Name				Type	Requires	Blood	Pool	Set	Rarity
5	Bewitching Oration		act mod	presence			V	C
4	Bribes				act mod					V	C
5	Conditioning			act mod	dominate	1		V	C
1	Charming Lobby			action	presence			V	U
2	Fifth Tradition: Hospitality 	action	prince, just 	1		V	U
1	Force of Will			action	fortitude	1		D	C
4	Fourth Tradition: Accounting	action	prince, just	1		V	U
6	Legal Manipulations		action	presence	1		V	C
2	Restoration			action	fortitude			V	C
2	Sixth Tradition: Destruction 	action	prince, just			V	U
2	Social Charm			action	presence			V	C
3	Indomitability			combat	fortitude			V	U
4	Rolling with the Punches	combat	fortitude			S	C
11	Skin of Steel			combat	fortitude	1		V	C
3	Assault Rifle			equip				5	V	U
1	Sport Bike			equip				1	V	U
2	Effective Management		master					V	C
2	Information Highway		master					V	U
1	Legendary Vampire		master				2	D	U
2	Minion Tap			master					V	C
1	Uptown Hunting Ground		master	Ventrue			2	V	U
3	Vast Wealth			master					V	U
1	Ventrue Directorate Assembly	master	Ventrue			2	D	C
1	Ventrue Headquarters		master	Ventrue			1	V	U
7	Anathema			pol act	prince, justicar		D	U
2	Ancient Influence		pol act					V	C
3	Archon				pol act	prince, justicar		V	V
1	Consanguineous Boon		pol act					V	C
1	Conservative Agitation		pol act					V	C
2	Disputed Territory		pol act					V	C
1	Political Stranglehold		pol act					S	U
4	Wake with Evening's Freshness	react					V	C

90	Total Library Cards

			20	action
			14	action modifier
55	common		18	combat
35	uncommon	4	equipment
0	rare		13	master
			17	political action
			4	reaction

Pissed-Off Princes - The Ventrue be taking over, beeyotch! They gots 
a crew o’ mean Archon muthas comin’ at yo ass wit Assault Rifles and 
Vast Wealth. They slap multiple Anathemas on yo prey’s ass and take 
him down by shootin’ his punk ass down to zero and burn his punk bitch 
ass! They ain't takin' no pain wit the Fortitude! And then they lock 
the vote down ‘cuz you pulled out a bunch o' prince muthas wit 4th Trad, 
beeyotch! A Successful deck in small 3-4 player games.

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