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A Unique Master Deck

Deck Name: Release The Hound! (Monty Burns Remix) [OBT-DOM]
Created by: Unique Master
Description: Stealth bleed & vote with some nasty OBT combat. Place political
struggles out and rush with Talley & Nose of the Hound to cash in on the same turn.

Crypt: (12 cards)
[Min: 15, Max: 37, Avg: 6.33]
1 Aaron Duggan (obt, Lasombra, 2)
1 Ambrosio Luis Monšada (aus DOM for OBT POT PRE, Lasombra, 10, Cardinal)
1 Angelica (cel DOM obf OBT POT, Lasombra, 10, Cardinal)
1 Aurora Van Brande (dom for OBT pot, Lasombra, 6)
1 Francisco Domingo de Polonia (DOM OBT POT PRE pro, Lasombra, 9, Archbishop)
1 Gratiano (DOM obf OBT pot, Lasombra, 8, Priscus)
1 Guido Lucciano (dom obf OBT, Lasombra, 5)
1 Ignacio (dom obt pot, Lasombra, 4)
1 Ramiro (dom obt vic, Lasombra, 4)
3 Talley (aus dom OBT POT, Lasombra, 6)

Library: (90 cards)

Master (15 cards)
3 Blood Doll
1 Elysian Fields
1 Fear of Mekhet
1 Hungry Coyote, The
4 Minion Tap
3 Obtenebration
1 Political Hunting Ground
1 Power Structure

Action (20 cards)
2 Bloodbath
1 Far Mastery
6 Govern the Unaligned
3 Political Struggle
2 Scouting Mission
1 Shadow Twin
5 Nose of the Hound

ActionMod (18 cards)
1 Blanket of Night
9 Shadow Play
8 Shroud of Night

Political (12 cards)
1 Blood Siege
6 Consanguineous Boon
1 Disputed Territory
1 Dramatic Upheaval
3 Kine Resources Contested

Reaction (7 cards)
2 Eyes of the Night
5 Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (18 cards)
10 Arms of the Abyss
5 Entombment
3 Shadow Parasite

This deck would be used best as a template than it would be to build it
verbatim. Tweak it to suit your metagame and personality and card
collection. More stealth, less stealth, more votes, less votes, more combat,etc.

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