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A Unique Master Deck

Return of the Gangrel
by Mike Ooi

Qty	Name			Age	Title		Clan
1	Giuliano Vincenzi	2	none		Gangrel
1	Sadie			2	none		Gangrel Antitribu
1	Anastasia Grey		3	none		Gangrel
1	Chandler Hungerford	3	none		Gangrel
1	Ricki Van Demsi		3	none		Gangrel
1	Roman Alexander		4	none		Gangrel
1	Camille Devereux	5	none		Gangrel
1	Badger			6	none		Gangrel
1	Gitane St. Claire	7	Primogen	Gangrel
1	Ingrid Rossler		9	Prince		Gangrel
1	Genevieve		10	Priscus		Gangrel Antitribu
1	Stansilava		11	Inner Circle	Gangrel

Qty	Name				Type	Requires	Blood	Pool	Set	Rarity
5	Bribes				act mod					V	C
3	Restoration			action	fortitude			V	C
1	Shadow of the Beast		action	protean		1		V	U
5	Amaranth			combat					V	U
5	Earth Meld			combat	protean				V	C
10	Form of the Ghost		combat	protean				V	C
5	Indomitability			combat	fortitude			V	U
1	Ritual of the Bitter Rose	combat					V	R
5	Skin of Rock			combat	fortitude			V	C
4	Skin of Steel			combat	fortitude	1		V	C
2	Unflinching Persistence		combat	fortitude			V	C
10	Wolf Claws			combat	protean		1		V	C
2	Absolution of the Diabolist	master				1	A	U
1	City Gangrel Connections	master	Gan. Anti.			S	U
5	Fortitude			master					V	C
1	Gangrel Conspiracy		master	Gan. Anti.			S	R
1	Legendary Vampire		master				2	D	U
4	Protean				master					V	C
1	Zoo Hunting Ground		master	Gangrel			2	V	U
2	Archon				pol act	prince, justicar		V	V
8	Consanguineous Boon		pol act					V	C
2	Gangrel Justicar		pol act					V	R
7	Praxis Seizure: Various		pol act					V	R

90	Total Library Cards

			5	action modifier
61	common		4	action
19	uncommon	47	combat
11	rare		15	master
			19	political action

Return of the Gangrel - After Xaviar pulled the Gangrel out 
of the Camarilla, they decided it wasn’t enough. The only 
way to beat the Eye was to absorb the Camarilla’s weak 
vampires and elder vitae. So they begin by taking city 
after city and breaking the 6th Tradition. Soon all will 
be Gangrel. And Gangrel will rule. A Very Successful deck 
in many arenas.

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