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A Unique Master Deck

Sabbat Inquisitor by Unique Master

CRYPT (12 cards):
2 Antonio Delgado (DOM OBT POT tha, Lasombra, 9, Archbishop)
2 Ayelea, The Manipulator (AUS DOM OBT pre THA, !Tremere, 10, Cardinal)
1 Ethan Locke (aus cel DOM pot THA, !Tremere, 9,Archbishop)
2 Ian Forestal (AUS DOM THA, !Tremere, 8)
2 Kij Dansky (AUS DOM obt THA, !Tremere, 8, Priscus)
1 Lucian (AUS cel DOM OBF tha, Malkavian, 10, Justicar)
1 Ulugh Beg, The Watcher (AUS cel for DOM pot THA, Tremere, 10, Justicar)
1 Yong-Sun, Harmonist (ANI aus OBF POT THA, !Nosferatu, 10, Cardinal)

Master (19 cards):
 1 Giant's Blood
 1 Hungry Coyote, The
 3 Infernal Pact
 2 Minion Tap
 7 Necromancy
 1 Obtenebration
 1 Parthenon, The
 2 Redeem the Lost Soul
 1 University Hunting Ground

Actions (15 cards):
 2 Fifth Tradition: Hospitality, The
 1 Govern the Unaligned
 10 Possession
 2 Rutor's Hand

Action Modifiers (20 cards):
 4 Bribes
10 Shroud of Night
 5 Spectral Divination
 1 Voter Captivation

Combat (9 cards):
 8 Shadow Body
 1 Spiritual Intervention

Political Actions (21 cards):
 1 Ancient Influence
 2 Cardinal Benediction
 1 Disputed Territory
 1 Dramatic Upheaval
 5 Kine Resources Contested
 2 Political Stranglehold
 1 Rumors of Gehenna
 8 Sabbat Inquisitor

Reactions (6 cards):
 3 Redirection
 3 Wake with Evening's Freshness

(Original notes from the author)
"Basically, THA is the only requirement for them to be
burned. I tried earlier versions using THA for combat,
but it did poorly as it could not focus like a THA
deck needs to. The !Tremere vamps share OBT with
Antonio Delgado, so that is used for stealth and
continuing actions with Shadow Body. The Cam justicars are
there for timely 5ths and additional votes. Earlier
versions saw Etrius and Gwendolyn, but the 5ths can be so
timely, it works better with the justicars.

Infernal Pact gives !Tremere SUPERIOR NEC, which is the only
way to use Possession in this deck. Once a vamp is an
Inquisitor, they start "millstoning" your crypt. Once a vamp
has superior NEC, they start Possessing titled vamps
out of your ash heap.

Long build up time, many weaknesses, but a ton of fun to get working!"

"If Ayelea or Antonio is in the opening crypt, the
deck seems to run smoother. The first thing that needs
to happen is the creation of a Sabbat Inquisitor
(must have titled Sabbat vamps to call the vote). If
that doesn't happen, the deck don't happen. The
Justicars are in for a couple of lucky Minion

Don't ever think about playing Possession at the
inferior. No. It defeats the entire purpose of the deck.
Infernal Pact works best on any Tremere Anti except Ian.
Ian only needs one of the two Necromancy skill cards
the others would need. Once the cycle begins, you can
vote or stealth-bleed your prey using Obtenebration
for stealth and the +1 bleed from Sabbat Inquisitor.
Make deals with people to get the pieces moving. Don't
be afraid to settle for 1 or 2 VPs. If you can, you
can receive +3 fun!"

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