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Jyhad / V:tES Seldom Asked Questions (SAQ)

Version 1.0


 1. Hey you in the black T-shirt! You're cute! Are you a Jyhad / V:tES player?

      (1.1) Background
      (1.2) What's your name, cutie?
      (1.3) Can you help me make the Beast with Two Backs?
      (1.4) Can we discuss this game at your place?
      (1.5) Have you met my sexy friend Jenna/Brad/Kricknar? We do EVERYTHING together!
      (1.6) Would you like this free calendar featuring me and my sexy coworkers?
      (1.7) Where can I sell my panties/jock strap/xrippidink online? I need to buy you some rares!
      (1.8) Who are all of these people posting online? Are they as cute as you?
      (1.9) I'm designing the art for the next expansion. Can I use your picture?
      (1.10) How come you're not in the Storyline? You are SO interesting!

Creator: Mike Ooi
Interim Maintainer: Your Mom
Current Maintainer: Your Dad wearing Your Mom's Dress