The Unique Master's Eternal Struggle with Vampires

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The Unique Master is responsible for Malk and Kookies.
The Malkavian Tabloid Vol.1 Iss.1
The Malkavian Tabloid Vol.1 Iss.2
Malk & Kookies Vol.1 Iss.3
MALK & KOOKIES Vol.1 Iss.4
The Malkavian Tabloid Vol.1 Iss. 5
MALK & KOOKIES Vol.1 Iss.5.386666
Malk & Kookies Vol.1 Iss.6.66 October Apology
The Malkavian Tabloid Vol.1 Iss.7 - NOVEMBER - TeeHee!

The Unique Master wrote one Lasombra Newsletter.
Holiday Issue

The Unique Master has ideas for new cards.
New Cards

The Unique Master has composed an Elegy for the Banned.
Elegy for the Banned

The Unique Master has designed decks.
Gangrel Antitribu Read and Bleed
Release the Hound!
No One Expects The Sabbat Inquisitor!
We're in the Storyline Too!
The Maris Network
Army of Darkness
Parity Shift
Pissed-off Princes
Return of the Gangrel
Used Car Salesman

The Unique Master has had some thoughts on existing cards.
Chiropteran Marauder
Mask of a Thousand Faces

The Unique Master has consented to be interviewed on the subject of Vampire the Eternal Struggle.
Who's Who

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